Away this Summer?

Go in Peace with Riverland Home Studios!

Home watch services ensure your home is protected, safe, and secure from damages, leaks, break-ins, and more.

Part of planning the perfect summer getaway includes ensuring your home is watched and cared for while you're away, so that you may fully relax and enjoy yourself.

Home Watch Services: Regular, thorough checks to ensure everything is just as you left it, come rain or shine.

  • Home watch, storm readiness & mitigation

  • Weekly & monthly property checks

  • Security, safety, & utilities checks

  • Real-time communication

  • Detailed property reports

  • Insurance claim support

Additional Services
  • Luxury Concierge Services: From stocking your fridge before you return, to picking up your pets from daycare, to managing any errand under the sun, we've got you covered.

  • Home Wellness Services: Decluttering & organizing, energy cleansing, feng shui and more are ways to create more peace and positive energy flow through your home.

    Our Peace Makers ensure you're environment supports your peace of mind and overall wellness goals.

  • NEW!! Personal Wellness - Introducing at-home, private fitness classes. At this time we are offering private yoga, meditation, and pool aerobics in the comfort of your home.