Reinvigorate and invite tranquility into your home and optimize your personal wellness.

What is Home Wellness?

Home wellness is creating a healthy, balanced home where your personal and professional life can thrive.


Your home should be a place where you can relax, de-stress, and recharge. RHS offers services to help you create a home that is both beautiful and restorative.

  • DE-CLUTTERING & ORGANIZING: Decluttering is an effective way to improve the flow of energy and foot traffic in your home. Unimpeded by clutter, your spaces will feel calmer, brighter, easier to navigate, and more pleasant to be in.

  • MINIMALIST LIFESTYLE SERVICES: Achieve a peaceful, functional space that aligns with your needs and values and reduces stress, increases efficiency, enhances focus, and boosts productivity!

  • ENERGY CLEANSING: Along with the physical space is the energetic space; both can be cleared, to create space for more positive energy flow. Our energy cleansing services rejuvenate the energy in your home to promote harmony, personal and inter-relational health, and attract wealth and success.

  • FENG-SHUI: Feng shui is the arrangement of furniture, decor, and objects and the organization of space within a room to create harmony and balance, and generate luck, good health, and overall well-being.

  • HOME DECOR SOURCING & ASSISTANCE: We help clients with their decoration needs, including home staging, sourcing of home goods, furniture, fixtures, paint colors, and decor accessories.

  • NEW! - Personal Wellness - Private yoga and meditation classes through Riverland Wellness!

Organized and decluttered closet
Organized and decluttered closet
  • IMPROVE ENERGY FLOW: Feng shui practitioners believe that the flow of energy (chi) through a home is essential for creating a positive and healthy environment. By removing clutter, opening up the space, and using certain colors and objects, feng shui can help to improve the flow of chi.

  • CREATE BALANCE & HARMONY: By arranging furniture and objects in a way that creates a symmetrical and pleasing aesthetic, you will create a sense of balance and harmony.

  • PROMOTE GOOD HEALTH & WELL-BEING: The environment in which we live can have a significant impact on our health and well-being. A home that is clean, organized, and well-lit, creates a restorative environment, allowing for rejuvenation and comfort.

  • ATTRACT WEALTH & PROSPERITY: By placing certain objects in certain areas of the home, it is possible to create a more auspicious environment for attracting money and abundance.

Woman drinking a healthy juice after yoga class
Woman drinking a healthy juice after yoga class

Samantha & Patrick Lynch

Lauderdale Isles, Florida

"We love the Peace-Makers at Riverland Home Studios. During the heavy rains we were out of town and panicked that our cat sitter couldn't reach our house. RHS made it there and ensured that our cats were safe!

Mercedes called me from my home while she checked all entry points for leaks and flooding. We were lucky enough to not have any issues, and could finally relax and enjoy the remainder of our time in our vacation home in Wisconsin."


a modern, well-lit, secure home with a wooden exterior and a brick wall
a modern, well-lit, secure home with a wooden exterior and a brick wall

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