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Meet Mercedes Jorge- Founder & CEO of Riverland Home Studios

9/26/20232 min read

A native Floridian and multi-homeowner, Mercedes is a former marketing executive who understands the importance of providing peace-of-mind services to fellow homeowners.

Familiar with the havoc wreaked by hurricanes, storm surges, and floods on people, homes, and the environment, Mercedes has firsthand experience of the distress natural disasters can cause to homeowners who aren't physically present. She's had to rely on neighbors or family to safeguard her property or assess damages.

As a passionate traveler, Mercedes sought a sustainable solution, leading her to establish Riverland Home Studios. This endeavor aims to offer essential peace of mind and valuable concierge services to homeowners. These services allow homeowners to fully engage in vacations, family time, friendships, or business ventures without the burden of property ownership worries.

Mercedes believes that true presence enables individuals to devote their best to vital aspects of life: loved ones, careers, business partners, and more. “Handling homeownership worries while striving to enjoy dream vacations or critical meetings can dilute one's focus – I’ve created Riverland Home Studios to liberate homeowners from this distraction, enabling them to relish life's precious moments, no matter where they are.”

Mercedes and Riverland Home Studios provide a pathway to relaxation, presence, and tranquility by attending to your property's safety, security, and maintenance. Their concierge service delivers timely assistance, while their wellness offerings rejuvenate your space for optimal living and unwinding. Whether you're dividing time between homes or journeying for work or leisure, your homecoming can be a delightful and heartwarming experience.

Mercedes holds an MBA from Nova Southeastern University and boasts a 25-year career in sales and marketing, culminating in her role as Chief Marketing Officer for a technology firm. An avid animal enthusiast, she actively volunteers at local shelters to find forever homes for displaced pets. Mercedes is a yoga practitioner who enjoys life near Fort Lauderdale beach, often strolling her dog, Sansa, along the shoreline at sunrise.

Connect with her at www.linkedin.com/in/mercedesjorge

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