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Florida Summer Packages

Get Storm Season Home Watch for up to 20%* off list price, starting at $35 a visit!

Property Safety Inspections & Readiness to Weather Any Storm

Our 300-point inspection is a comprehensive property inspection that covers all aspects of your property, both inside and out. This includes checking for things like:

  • SECURITY: Secure all home and property entrances and check for signs of forced entry, vandalism, or theft.

  • SAFETY: Ensure that when alarms are triggered there hasn't been an entry or fire.

  • STORM DAMAGE: Identify damage from weather events, such as tree limbs down, roof leaks, flooding, or broken entry points.

  • MAINTENANCE: Confirm that landscape or HVAC maintenance has been performed, roof and gutters are in good condition and not clogged with leaves, siding is not damaged, fences and gates are secure.

  • UTILITIES: Ensure water, gas, and electric are turned on or off if necessary, dock, pool and/or hot tub are properly maintained.

  • PESTS: Look for signs of pests and secure and seal entry points.

Insurance Claim Support
  • DETAILED DAMAGE REPORTS: Get a professional assessment to strengthen your claim with clear documentation.

  • BEFORE & AFTER PROOF: Pre-storm photos can shut down arguments about pre-existing damage.

  • EXPERT EYE ON HIDDEN ISSUES: Trained professionals spot hidden problems like water leaks, ensuring you get reimbursed for everything.

  • NEGOTIATION POWER: Independent repair estimates give you leverage to fight for a fair payout.

  • FAST ACTION MINIMIZES COSTS & DAMAGES: Catch problems early to prevent minor damage from turning into major repairs.

Each Package Gives You:
  • Weekly Home Safety & Security Checks

  • Detailed Reports on Property Status

  • Reduced Risk of Crime, Vandalism, or Squatting

  • Maintenance & Utilities Checks

  • Mail Pick Up

  • Indoor Plant Care

  • Peace of Mind

Add-ons available for an additional fee: Shutter installation/removal, tree trimming, pool cover installation, car or boat cover installation, removal/storage of outdoor furniture, decor, pots, etc.

Lock in 20% Savings