7 Reasons to Hire a Home Watch Service

Thinking of hiring someone to watch over your first. second, or vacation home? Here are seven reasons why many multi-estate homeowners say, "yes!", to home watch services.

Mercedes Jorge

8/15/20233 min read

white and brown concrete building
white and brown concrete building

After 2020's worldwide pandemic, many families re-evaluated their lifestyle choices, upending the housing market across states, like Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia. The rise of low interest rates, pandemic-era savings and a hybrid-work revolution made it possible for people to purchase a second home and split their time between their primary home and secondary home.

According to NAHB estimates, the total count of second homes was 7.15 million in 2020, accounting for 5.11% of the total housing stock. This represents the most recent data available. As of 2020, the state with the largest stock of second homes was Florida (1.04 million), accounting for 10.8% of all second homes. South Dakota had the smallest stock, approximately 19,225 second homes, among all 50 states. Half of the nation’s second homes can be found in eight states – Florida, California, New York, Texas, Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.*

We believe these numbers are slowing, but still growing and for homeowners, whether they split their time or rent their homes out, being there to ensure its safety, maintenance, and security can be difficult when there are miles in between.

Hiring a professional home watch and concierge service can provide numerous benefits and peace of mind for homeowners. Here are some reasons why you might want to hire a professional service:

1. Regular property checks: Professional home watch services offer scheduled inspections of your property when you're away. They can monitor for potential issues such as water leaks, electrical problems, or security breaches. Early detection can prevent costly repairs or damage.

2. Security and safety: A home watch service can help deter burglaries and vandalism by maintaining a visible presence at your property. They can also ensure that all doors, windows, and security systems are properly secured. Incase of emergencies, they can respond quickly and coordinate with the appropriate authorities.

3. Maintenance oversight: Whether it's routine maintenance tasks or handling unexpected repairs, a home watch service can oversee and coordinate these activities on your behalf. They can ensure that the work is completed to a high standard, even when you're not physically present.

4. Peace of mind when away: When you're away, knowing that a professional service is taking care of your home can alleviate stress and allow you to focus on other priorities. You can relax knowing that your property is in capable hands.

5. Customized services: Many home watch and concierge services offer personalized assistance. They can help with tasks like mail collection, forwarding packages, scheduling appointments, coordinating deliveries, and even stocking your fridge before your arrival. These services can save you time and make your life more convenient.

6. Property readiness: If you have a vacation home or rental property, a home watch service can ensure it is prepared for your arrival or for your guests. They can handle pre-arrival cleaning, arrange for maintenance, and create a welcoming environment for you or your renters.

7. Local expertise: Home watch services often have knowledge about the local area, including reputable contractors, service

providers, and emergency contacts. They can provide recommendations and connect you with trusted professionals when needed.

Overall, hiring a professional home watch and concierge service can provide valuable support, security, and convenience, enabling you to maintain and enjoy your property without constant worry or hassle.

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*Ref: National Association of Home Builders Discusses Economics and Housing Policy

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