Riverland Home Studios was created to bring homeowners a sense of peace and comfort to home ownership.

Many homeowners worry about their property while traveling or living away, and often turn to friends, family, and neighbors to ensure the safety, maintenance, and security of their home.

While this solution may work, it isn't sustainable over the long-term, and could be a burden to those who are not qualified to take on such a responsibility.

Riverland Home Studios' mission is to be a source of peace and support for homeowners. We deliver exceptional, reliable, and unique home watch, concierge, and home wellness services so that you can be at peace wherever you are, fully enjoy the special moments in your life, and truly be present for them.

Air plants symbolize freedom and creativity

Air plants have a unique shape and their bright color breathes life into any room. Because of their ability to thrive out of the soil, they also represent freedom and are great for people who live to move.

We hope it reminds you to seek creativity, move freely, and thrive wherever life take you.


- Mercedes Jorge | Founder & CEO

"Whether you are splitting time between homes or traveling for business or pleasure, returning home should be welcoming, warm, and joyous."

Hi, I am Mercedes, Founder and CEO of Riverland Home Studios. As a homeowner, and former marketing executive with a busy travel schedule, I often found myself juggling career demands with homeowner obligations. Renovation projects, storm preparation and mitigation, unforeseen issues, home security and safety, and everyday maintenance needs kept me in a constant state of stress and anxiety.
Searching for a solution, I created Riverland Home Studios to bring much-needed peace of mind and valuable concierge services to homeowners, so that you can be present, at ease, and able to focus on your vacation, family, friends, or business.
At Riverland Home Studios we aim to help you relax, be present, and worry-free by handling the safety, security, and maintenance needs of your property. Our concierge service is designed to deliver what you need, when you need it. Our home wellness services are designed to positively energize your space for optimal living and relaxation.
So, whether you are splitting time between homes or traveling for business or pleasure, your return should be welcoming, warm, and joyous. I am so happy that you are here. May you find adventure wherever you are and have peace of mind to enjoy it fully!

Riverland Home Studios is fully bonded and insured for your protection.


RHS has been verified and accredited by the National Home Watch Association. All Accredited Members have background checks and are vetted for business practices.


We hire the best professionals to deliver exceptional and exclusive services to our clients. Our goal is to make our services so valuable and seamless, so that our clients feel trust, and complete confidence.


At RHS your privacy and confidentiality is our #1 priority, so we have invested in the best technology and employee hiring practices to keep your information safe and confidential.

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